About Me

I aim to make this blog as interesting as humanly possible. It will contain tutorials and how to's as well as basic gibberish all while throwing in the occasional giveaway (even more of a reason to follow me "FREE STUFF"). I cannot promise that this will be the greatest blog on the internet, but I can however promise that I will sure try to get as close as possible.


I am in my early 30's and a Mother of 2 beautiful boys. Sebastian is 2 years old and Harrison is almost 1 year old. My boys are my life, everything I do is for them. I am currently an Optical Dispenser by day and "Extreme Superwoman" by night. I am not the best mother in the world, but my kids NEVER go with out and they are happy and somewhat healthy.

I am a Mixed Media Artist...... Ok maybe not an artist in the professional sense but I try! My main thing is Art Journaling and the occasional Mixed Media Canvas, but I also love Photography and have just gotten into Scrapbooking.

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